The Snail Vibe v/s The Lelo Soraya Wave: The ultimate comparison


Welcome to the much-awaited showdown……. here, we have the snail going against the rabbit. Now, before any eyebrows are raised, I would like to clarify that we are not practicing any form of animal cruelty. In fact, ‘the snail’ and ‘the rabbit’ in this context do not mean innocent animals but instead refer to the snail vibrator and rabbit vibrators, two of the most premium and celebrated sex toys ever to exist, with similar states of the art technology and dual stimulation ability, they are ruling the sex toy world, all set to deliver the orgasm(s) you need. So, it only seemed fitting to take a closer look into these two impeccable pleasure-providing machines and find out which is the more worthy of the two.



Often known as the most luxurious vibrating rabbit, costing an estimated sum of $250 (Rs. 20,000), The Lelo Soraya Wave lies at the top of the food chain regarding rabbit vibrators; let’s see why…


The shafts 

Engineered to understand your body better, all this sex toy asks of you is to give it 4.3 inches of you to enter your life and spice things up. That’s right! Not only does the insertable shaft come with a measured length of 4.3 inches, but it also has a tip with a life of its own. With In-built pulsations, the tip of the insertable shaft awakens the souls in your G-spot longing for care and affection. While the external shaft gives your clitoris company, all this gives it the comfort it never knew it needed. The rabbit dildo and the external shaft have a powerful motor that helps synchronize both the stimulations, giving your mind and body an earth-shattering experience.


The Technicals 

I guess. It is safe to say there is going to be more than just one shower in the bathroom. Get naughty anywhere; with The Lelo Soraya Wave being 100% waterproof, you can even use it in the bathroom to give yourself some extra warmth the hot water cannot give you after a long day. Made with body-safe silicone and smooth touch ABS plastic, it adds to the pleasure, enhancing the way this rabbit vibrator feels between your thighs. It also comes with 12 pleasure settings, a non-stop 2 hours of action with every 2 hours of charge, and wave motions that mimic fingering actions, taking your genitals for a pleasant yet adventurous ride. 


The Bad

For starters, the price tag of this vibrating rabbit comes in the way of the sheer pleasure and satisfaction it can provide. Its ability to multitask is a plus, but its inability to not is a drawback. Sometimes the body does not necessarily want dual stimulation, but when this device is turned, neither does the rabbit dildo stay idle nor the external shaft; it can be a bit too much sometimes.



When the Snail Vibrator entered the world of sex toys, it was considered the long-lost sibling of rabbit vibrators such as these here. The Snail Vibe, too, has the same 2 shafts and similar top-notch features. Then what sets it apart? Read further to find out…


The shafts 

Yes, you can customize this snail vibrator to serve you like a traditional vibrator, keeping the external shaft switched off and away from your clit. Even though this sex toy possesses dual motors and dual shafts much like its sibling, the insertable shaft can go as deep as 5.5 inches, making the snail vibe look like an upgrade in front of the Lelo Soraya Wave. The external shaft of this device serves the same purpose as that present in the vibrating rabbit. Still, it is adjustable according to the depth of your desired penetration, ensuring you do not compromise on the clitoral stimulation regardless of how deep you want it to go inside. The adjustable external shaft also makes it possible for you to leave out the clitoral stimulation in case you do not need it. 


The Technicals

This sex toy makes close to no noise with a sound frequency of fewer than 45 decibels, letting just your moans do the talking. Like it’s opponent vibrating rabbit, this snail vibrator is 100% waterproof and is covered in body-safe silicone but falls behind in battery life, giving just an hour of fun with every 2 hours of charge. It comes with 5-speed settings and 5 vibration modes, allowing you to create over 600 combinations giving yourself the time of your life.


The Bad

This sex toy is said not to be the friendliest when used without a lube. It also comes with a somewhat confusing back button making it difficult to navigate its multiple pleasure settings. Despite the Snail Vibrator receiving excellent reviews online, most have nothing to complain about. Some claim the external shaft is not the best with clitoral stimulations. In contrast, some claim that the insertable shaft’s inability to come with automated thrusts hinders the optimal quality of the experience.


                                                            My Verdict

Having explored both sex toys as well as comparing them on sites like twice tonight , it is needless to say that both the snail vibrator and the Lelo Soraya Wave 2 excel at satisfying its user; with just a few downsides, it does make it extremely difficult to put one above the other. However, if I had to choose one, I would go with the Snail Vibe; not only does it cost less (starting at Rs.12,000 or $150), but it also provides a greater penetration depth than its competitor, The Lelo Soraya Wave. The Snail Vibe also gives the user the liberty to stick to just one stimulation when the idea of dual stimulation feels overwhelming and intimidating, making it just a bit more user-friendly than rabbit vibrators. Although the Snail vibrator cannot mimic fingering motions, and neither is its battery life on par with that of the Lelo Soraya Wave, I feel like letting go of these features is a sacrifice worth making in front of the other benefits that come with it. 


So, now that the revelation has been made, I find it essential to remind you that everyone has a unique body and the experience of these toys may differ based on personal preferences. With that being said, hurry up and get yourself a snail or a rabbit ; I guarantee they are the naughtiest pets one can get.

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